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I am a chemical engineer with an expertise in marine biotechnology, holding an Integrated Master’s Degree from National Technical University of Athens and a PhD in Environmental and Chemical Engineering (Technical University of Crete). My main research interests focus on the delivery of environmentally sustainable strategies for marine pollution alleviation. Demonstrated research experience on developing bioremediation/bioproduction technologies by using marine sponges in integrated aquaculture systems. Previously involved in projects related to the valorization of forest lignocellulosic biomass towards the production of high added-value products. Currently working on the development of immunoassays to detect aquatic organic contaminants and biotoxins using biosensor technologies in the framework of the EU-HORIZON project “AquaBioSens”.


Dr. Despoina Varamogianni-Mamatsi
Postdoctoral Researcher
+30 2810 394368

Scopus ID: 57214441470

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